How does an increase in E-commerce sales of 2X, 5X Or Even 10X In The Next 90 Days Sound Using Facebook Ads?

Properly Managed Facebook Ads For E-Commerce Can Help You Achieve Higher Success

Facebook has over two billion users, effectively making it the world’s largest shopping mall. If your E-commerce store isn’t taking advantage of Facebook advertising, then you are missing out on a massive market and leaving sales dollars on the table for your competitors to soak up.

With a well-optimized Facebook Ad targeting campaign, you have the potential to reach your target customers on desktop and or mobile and retarget them until they convert. Although Facebook ads for E-commerce has tremendous potential to increase sales, there’s also a considerable amount of room for failure. Make sure you place your Facebook ad campaigns in competent hands. That’s why it’s essential to research and make sure you are working with a reputable Facebook marketing company.

Antrim Media has the skillset and knowledge to create and implement powerful Facebook ad campaigns for your E-commerce business. We’ll work closely with you to design creative and captivating designs that generate quality traffic with a high conversion rate. We’ll tell your story in a compelling way that will entice your potential customer to take action.

We optimize Facebook retargeting campaigns with the sole purpose of pushing existing leads through your sales funnel. We do this by displaying ads for products your audience has already shown an interest in. This approach maximizes your Facebook budget, ensuring you get the best ROI from your marketing budget.

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